Faster Way to Fat Loss

December 14, 2018

It’s that time of the year again.  The time when most people gain weight and this is, often times, on top of weight you’ve wanted to get rid of.  It’s only 17 days from January 1, 2019! Do you set resolutions and health goals?  

I’ve got a program for you if you’re ready to commit.  I’ve found this amazing program, The FASTer Way to Fat Loss and it’s the best nutrition and exercise program out there.   It not only helps with weight loss and inches but teaches you nutrition that you can sustain for life, I know it will be my lifestyle forever.

Here are some incredible before and afters from people of all ages that have participated in The FASTer Way to Fat Loss:



My name is Cindy Ward. I am a mom of two grown daughters, a four-year stroke survivor, runner, and FASTer Way to Fat Loss Certified Coach. I am passionate about helping people reach their nutritional, health and wellness goals through sustainable lifestyle changes.  I love helping women to transform their lives.  I have been doing the FASTer Way for a 16 months. To date, I have lost 30 inches and 20 lbs, decreased my inflammation, went off my stomach meds for GERD and am going off one of my anxiety drugs and leaned out as a runner even when training for half marathons, which I did three last year!

I have been married to my husband for 26 years. Dave is a Farmer and works hard for our family.  Our daughter, Chelby is 24 years old and graduated in December 2018 with a elementary ed and special education teaching degree. Paige is 21 and graduated in May  with a dental hygiene degree.  And of course, I can’t forget about our four fur babies.

My husband and I are now empty nesters and it’s life changing.  I love to run, read, learn all things about health and fitness related things, and enjoy time with family.

Faster Way to Fat Loss

FASTer Way to Fat Loss

  • Are you looking for a healthy lifestyle that you can actually maintain?
  • Are you looking for a better way to fuel your body?
  • Are you ready for a change but not sure where to start?

The FASTer Way is different from all those other programs because you’ll get specific easy to follow nutrition and macro education so you can fuel your body properly, coupled with specific exercises to burn fat.  We’ll teach your body how to be a pro-fat burner in no time!

In the FASTer Way to Fat loss we…

  1. Eat the right macros and nutrients at the right time for the right reasons.
  2. Engage in fasted cardio and HIIT/metabolic training.
  3. LIFT heavy to develop lean calorie-burning muscle.
  4. Maintain the proper mindset.

Most people will hit the gym hard and restrict their calories to the point of feeling hungry, deprived, tired and see no progress and go back to their old habits and be frustrated with no progress.



Get Fit With The FASTer Way

Faster Way to Fat Loss

How Does the FASTer Way Online Program Work?

  • 57458821A 6-week program that fits your busy schedule and training your body to burn fat
  • A comprehensive program guide with resources to help you along the way
  • One  extra week to prepare you with training to set you up for success
  • Weekly workout plans that include a home, beginner and gym version
  • Accountability group and coach to help  keep you on track to your goals

Learn more and register

You can find progress pics, food postings and sweaty selfies on #fasterwaytofatloss on Instagram. Follow me on instagram @cindyward_fwtfl or Facebook

Faster Way to Fat Loss

The FASTer Way is Different

This program is easy to implement and you will see real results that come from sustainable lifestyle changes.  Your energy will get better and your weight will go down! You get to eat whole food without feeling deprived and you can choose to do beginner, gym or at home workouts. If you want to work on nutrition and ease into the workouts you can.  You can make this program fit for YOU!

The FASTer Way has changed this for me! This is why I feel so confident in this program.  When I finally made the change there was no going back.  This is my lifestyle now.


  • Stop dieting
  • Stop feeling frustrated
  • See real results
  • Look and feel your best

Then you’re ready for the FASTer Way to Fat Loss!

Let us help you reach your goals in a doable way that you’ll maintain and rediscover your best self!

Go ahead what are you waiting for?


Faster Way to Fat Loss



Carb cycling is an intentional variation of carbohydrate intake each week.  Most carb cycling plans consist of high carb days and low carb days. In this program, we base our cycle on the workouts we will be doing to maximize fat burn and energy levels.


Long-term restriction of carbs and calories can lower your metabolic rate and negatively affect your hormone levels. This is a big reason women find themselves at a weight loss plateau. For a short period of time a restrictive diet will bring results, however, over time it will cause your metabolic rate to decrease.


It allows for planned high carb days that increase your thyroid output and help control your hunger. Because you are cycling carbs, you will also have low carb days that offset the high carb days.  With this type of cycle, you will continue to see fat loss, increased energy levels, and improvements to overall body composition. When Carb cycling is paired with intermittent fasting and effective workouts, it improves insulin levels, helping your body to store less fat.


Intermittent fasting is not a type of diet, but an eating schedule. Your body is always in one of two states fed or fasted.  In the fed state (anytime your body is digesting food), your body’s insulin levels make burning fat a challenge. However, in the fasted state (8-12 hours after your body finished digesting), your insulin levels are lower and better able to reach into your fat stores.  People rarely go into a fasted state throughout the day.  In fact, the traditional theory of several small meals per day keeps us from ever reaching the fasted state. While eating small meals during the day can lead to weight loss, you will likely be losing both muscle and fat.  When you lose muscle, you lower your metabolic rate and make it harder for your body to burn fat. Even if you’re losing weight you might be frustrated that you never feel toned and fit.


Not exactly, in our programs, we have eating windows, combined with high and low carb days.  We eat all the time! We simply confine our eating to a shorter window through the day, allowing our bodies to enter into a fasted state.


Yes, this program is called the FASTer Way to Fat Loss because we focus on implementing cutting-edge nutrition strategies like intermittent fasting. We will be fasting daily.


NO! Throughout the program, we talk about the importance of probiotics, protein and other supplements like BCAA’S. While we are happy to share the products we use and love, none of them are required to participate. We are huge proponents of fueling your body with real food, and this program is based on that premise. Nothing is required but hard work, commitment, and positivity.