Faster Way to Fat Loss


You guys, I want you to be successful in your health goals. I am so passionate about it and love talking to people about their fitness goals! I want you to not waste time feeling hopeless or overwhelmed.

I know how frustrating this can be to keep working at it and nothing changes. I’ve done the whole under eating thing to just see a number on the scale and I was HUNGRY!!! The scale does not define who we are.

What is the #1 problem with most plans is NUTRITION. It’s the most important part of being successful. And when I say this, I mean healthy, like blood pressure, hormones, gut health, etc. On the outside, FAT LOSS, confidence and to feel good in those clothes that are laying there unworn.

What’s the solution? The FASTer Way to Fat Loss! It’s designed to give you the nutrition to lose FAT and workouts paired with that nutrition to get you to your best self. If you want to do just the nutrition that’s ok, it is the most important thing!!!

Guess what? I want to invite you to join the next 7-week round of the FASTer Way to Fat Loss with the first week for prep and followed by 6-weeks of support and accountability the whole time.

Make sure you use MY LINK below so I can help with support, accountability and be there to answer all your questions. I am now becoming certified as a coach and will be running my own rounds soon! Click the link below for information and to register.

FASTer Way With Cindy

Faster Way to Fat Loss

Women Over 40, This is the Program You Have Been Waiting For

The weight loss program that started it all for me. That’s what you will be saying in six weeks from now.

The time to start losing weight is today! No more procrastination. No more excuses. This Fat Loss program is like no other. Every day for 7 weeks, you will wake up to a new post in your facebook group to motivation, nutritional tips, workout tips, a coach, client specialists, and support from a group of women just like you.

More women over 40 are jumping on the weight loss and exercise programs for the first time in their life. This program is designed for you to get healthy eating and workout routine to fit your lifestyle.

Start with easy changes that will turn into more motivation so you can work on the harder changes.

Today is the first day! Your body will become what you make of it today. Start, right now, believing you can achieve your goal. Take the first step!

For more information and to sign up click here

FASTer Way With Cindy

Faster Way to Fat Loss

January 7, 2019

Are you thinking about your 2019 resolutions? Do you need a plan? A plan that will produce results and have support the whole time? Then the FASTer Way to Fat Loss is the plan!!

I’m eleven months in on this plan and this year I’m no longer making resolutions, I’m making goals!!! My goals this year are to keep living this amazing lifestyle.

The New Year round started on December 31st but due to high demand, we have opened another round starting January 14th. This is a 6-week program with 1 week for prep making this 7 weeks of support and guidance the whole way!! Click below for more information and sign up! I promise it will be the best thing you’ve ever done!

Faster Way to Fat Loss

December 31, 2018


I hope you had a Merry Christmas!  It was a busy one with two families to visit and taking off on a vacation to Florida on the Wednesday after Christmas. But it was a great year and lots of memories made!!

I used to not like January. I love making goals, getting inspired and dreaming about change and all the great things the next year could bring.

The part I hate is that it’s cold, dark, and dreary and all the parties and family just stop.  December is always a year of celebrating and letting loose a little bit. Then January comes and we stop and begin extreme workouts, diets and have no more fun! It’s to much pressure to think that you’ll transform your life in one month or one day.  It only sets us up for failure.

If you have a goal to lose weight or eat healthy.  Don’t give up everything at once that will for sure end up in failure. I’ve done it and it never seems to work. Don’t buy into those crash diets or products that promise it all.

I’ve found the one that has worked for me and tens of thousands of women and men also lose the weight and live a healthy lifestyle for good. I no longer make the new year resolution to lose the pounds or diet.  The program FASTer Way to Fat Loss is where it is at.  We stress that it’s progress over perfection.  Read my other blog posts and check out the links to find out more about this wonderful program and how it has helped them all.  Then consider joining all of us in the NEW YEAR! I’ll keep you posted on the next available dates.

Faster Way to Fat Loss

December 14, 2018

It’s that time of the year again.  The time when most people gain weight and this is, often times, on top of weight you’ve wanted to get rid of.  It’s only 17 days from January 1, 2019! Do you set resolutions and health goals?  

I’ve got a program for you if you’re ready to commit.  I’ve found this amazing program, The FASTer Way to Fat Loss and it’s the best nutrition and exercise program out there.   It not only helps with weight loss and inches but teaches you nutrition that you can sustain for life, I know it will be my lifestyle forever.

Here are some incredible before and afters from people of all ages that have participated in The FASTer Way to Fat Loss:

Faster Way to Fat Loss

FASTer Way to Fat Loss

  • Are you looking for a healthy lifestyle that you can actually maintain?
  • Are you looking for a better way to fuel your body?
  • Are you ready for a change but not sure where to start?

The FASTer Way is different from all those other programs because you’ll get specific easy to follow nutrition and macro education so you can fuel your body properly, coupled with specific exercises to burn fat.  We’ll teach your body how to be a pro-fat burner in no time!

In the FASTer Way to Fat loss we…

  1. Eat the right macros and nutrients at the right time for the right reasons.
  2. Engage in fasted cardio and HIIT/metabolic training.
  3. LIFT heavy to develop lean calorie-burning muscle.
  4. Maintain the proper mindset.

Most people will hit the gym hard and restrict their calories to the point of feeling hungry, deprived, tired and see no progress and go back to their old habits and be frustrated with no progress.



Get Fit With The FASTer Way

Faster Way to Fat Loss

How Does the FASTer Way Online Program Work?

  • 57458821A 6-week program that fits your busy schedule and training your body to burn fat
  • A comprehensive program guide with resources to help you along the way
  • One  extra week to prepare you with training to set you up for success
  • Weekly workout plans that include a home, beginner and gym version
  • Accountability group and coach to help  keep you on track to your goals

Learn more and register

You can find progress pics, food postings and sweaty selfies on #fasterwaytofatloss on Instagram. Follow me on instagram @cindyward_fwtfl or Facebook