Faster Way to Fat Loss

December 31, 2018


I hope you had a Merry Christmas!  It was a busy one with two families to visit and taking off on a vacation to Florida on the Wednesday after Christmas. But it was a great year and lots of memories made!!

I used to not like January. I love making goals, getting inspired and dreaming about change and all the great things the next year could bring.

The part I hate is that it’s cold, dark, and dreary and all the parties and family just stop.  December is always a year of celebrating and letting loose a little bit. Then January comes and we stop and begin extreme workouts, diets and have no more fun! It’s to much pressure to think that you’ll transform your life in one month or one day.  It only sets us up for failure.

If you have a goal to lose weight or eat healthy.  Don’t give up everything at once that will for sure end up in failure. I’ve done it and it never seems to work. Don’t buy into those crash diets or products that promise it all.

I’ve found the one that has worked for me and tens of thousands of women and men also lose the weight and live a healthy lifestyle for good. I no longer make the new year resolution to lose the pounds or diet.  The program FASTer Way to Fat Loss is where it is at.  We stress that it’s progress over perfection.  Read my other blog posts and check out the links to find out more about this wonderful program and how it has helped them all.  Then consider joining all of us in the NEW YEAR! I’ll keep you posted on the next available dates.

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