December 17, 2018

IMG_4790Remember the ‘ME’ in merry:  Self-care strategies for this holiday season

The holiday season is filled with hustle and bustle.  There’s plenty of excitement from seeing family and friends, but also stress, travel, long lines, planning, preparation and a range of emotions from positive to negative.

For many of us, the holiday season means planning and taking care of others. However, this leaves little time for taking care of oneself. Below are a few ideas on how to practice self-care during this holiday season.

  • Regularly schedule time to engage in self-care activities.  Maybe exercise, meditation or a hobby you enjoy.
  • Practice gratitude for the people and events in your life.  Maybe journal about what you appreciate in life or who you appreciate.
  • Engage in deep breathing or other relaxation skills. Maybe relaxing music or yoga.
  • Tune into the emotions you are experiencing. Emotions can be positive, negative or a combination of both. Call a time out and check your feelings.
  • Try to understand why you might be experiencing negative emotions. For some people, negative emotions might be related to unrealistic expectations or goals of themselves around the holidays, or from feeling overwhelmed.
  • Monitor you stress level. Take note of the situation you are in when feeling stressed. Is it around certain people? Or engaging in specific activities?

Take care of your physical health. Ensure adequate sleep and a nutritious diet. Develop a plan to enjoy the special food and treats around the holidays, it’s balance.

So, enjoy the holidays and remember to take time to care for your own needs and emotions. Remember, as the flight attendants say as part of their safety preparations, you need to put on your own oxygen mask first before helping others. This may help you more fully appreciate and find meaning this holiday season.

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